TradeToolsFX: Advanced Tools for the Ambitious Trader

TradeToolsFX: Advanced Tools for the Ambitious Trader

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Val Lazovski, General Director, TradeToolsFXVal Lazovski, General Director
On a Friday evening, during peak trading hours, a prominent brokerage firm ran into a myriad of technical problems. In their quest to migrate platforms, from MT4 to MT5, the team of stockbrokers, traders, codebase users, and programmers, came to the realization that their existing technology investments weren’t equipped to handle the delicate task. It just so happens that the trading platforms—MT4 and MT5—are built with different programming languages, despite being developed by the same developer.

In scramble mode, the brokerage contacted TradeToolsFX, a renowned algo trading solution provider located in the Greater Chicago area. “We got them out of trouble, and did so in a very short time,” says Val Lazovski, general director of TradeToolsFX, an organization that has established a “friend of the trader and broker” reputation in the market. “Even though it was the weekend, we jumped on the project and facilitated the client’s migration by late Sunday. We’re always willing to go that extra mile for our clients,” adds Lazovski.

The aforementioned client faced a common predicament. However, the foremost pain point hassling brokers and programmers alike is the high frequency of electronic trading, which has Tled to surplus data being generated between platforms and the traders. To build a reliable bridge between the data feed, liquidity providers, and the platform, TradeToolsFX offers the unique “uBridge” solution, which supports all market pricebooks, and comes with a built-in virtual dealer.

By switching to uBridge, brokers can integrate heavy data feeds, manage multiple orders, and enjoy seamless STP connectivity within their back-office application. Since the solution is built on a custom-built engine, traders are empowered to expand its functionality.

Despite its expertise in the Metaquotes platforms, TradeToolsFX doesn’t see itself as “just an MT shop.” Lazovski details that the organization has identified two specific client bases— one segment which runs strictly on MT4/ MT5 servers and receives customer support, technical assistance, and custom solutions from TradeToolsFX, and another set of clients that don’t have any partnerships with Metaquotes. “For clients that don’t use MT4/MT5, we create standalone trading systems. Besides customizations, we provide them with a variety of tools, and enable them to expand their horizons,” says Lazovski.

The crown jewel of TradeToolsFX, however, is “FXGO,” the first multi-trading platform in the market that allows users to fully combine their workflow with Forex, binary options, crypto, and user management system. The one-of-a-kind solution embeds a client’s portal with every popular trading platform, besides including important features such as money processing and helpdesk. The “FXGO” system allows users to switch between trades in one window, without being distracted by movements between various platforms. Some of TradeToolsFX’s other product offerings include the “Cryptocurrency exchange,” which provides users a wide range of opportunities for trading and withdrawal of funds, and the “Multi- Account Trader MAT (PAMM/MAM ) for MT5/MT4.”

TradeToolsFX has recently partnered with a Chicagoan university to build analytical tools that can be applied in the craft of trading. “By using big data and AI, we are building analytical tools to analyze the trading market,” says Lazovski, before revealing the organization’s 2019 goals. “We are putting together a trading platform that comes with various interfaces, a standalone terminal, a mobile application, a link to the client portal, all of it built with very simple technology. Through this, we can help traders eliminate brokers and enjoy bigger monetary gains,” concludes Lazovski.

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Chicago, IL

Val Lazovski, General Director

Founded in 2008, TradeToolsFx aims to develop simple, secure, and user-friendly solutions for the FX market. The company puts efforts to build custom tools and solutions for foreign exchange brokers, money managers, and financial institutions across the globe. TradeToolsFX’s personalized solutions help companies to accelerate profits by seamlessly integrating into existing infrastructure and standardizing the operations. The advanced trading technologies provider offers numerous trading methods for better market analyses and faster transactions. TradeToolsFX focuses on developing solutions for maximizing the effectiveness of trading strategies and optimizing the costs of design work, equipment, and operations