Top 10 Algo Trading Solution Providers - 2019
Algo-Logic Systems: Time Is Money

Top 10 Algo Trading Solution Providers - 2019

Today, algorithmic or algo trading has empowered trading firms in the evolving markets by eliminating human errors and changing the way financial markets operate. These algorithms are becoming more sophisticated as traders are using different trading patterns with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). Algorithmic trading is moving deeper into practical machine learning (ML) techniques that handle real-time interpretation and integration of data from various sources. ML is shaping algorithms that can pick techniques by themselves.

Fintech companies are investing large sums of money in automation intelligence and ML for developing comprehensive algorithm trading platform. Several algorithms work on ‘Arbing’, a process offering variations in odds provided by different bookmakers; it leads to the advantage of profit-making regardless of the event’s outcome. Many large players are employing the same method for trading.

The recent algorithm trading strategies enable software programs to perform trading operations based on pre-defined instructions set by the programmer with no means in altering decisions based on the market conditions. Besides, developments of ‘robots’ in algorithm trading is playing a significant role. Developers are engraving algorithms in customized chips to have better robot-to-robot communication. Traders are adopting improved ‘algo-detecting’ capabilities to alter their trading systems.

It may be extremely exciting to make money at the click of a button, but one needs to explore the endless horizons with trading using computer programs and automated software systems. This edition of Capital Markets CIO Outlook brings “Top 10 Algo Trading Solution Providers - 2019” which features the best of algorithmic trading software providers. Picking the right algorithmic trading software can be challenging, therefore, this magazine will provide traders with a clear understanding of the latest trading strategies and guide them in choosing the best software for their trading operations.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Algo Logic Systems Mapping algorithms into logic to lower latency, increase throughput, and reduce the power of computation as compared to software Offers high quality automated trading systems for the retail trader as well as enterprise level clients
HRT Brings a scientific approach to trading financial products. We have built one of the world's most sophisticated computing environments for research and development
QuantConnect Open-source algorithmic trading platform for over 65,000 quants providing access to financial data, cloud computing and backtesting
SmartQuant A Financial Software Company that develops end-to-end Algo trading infrastructure for quantitative hedge funds and institutional trading groups
Stormchaser Technologies Stormchaser Technologies automates trading systems with Kairos™ platform to significantly reduce development time and execution cost while allowing the client to maintain total control over their algorithm IP and execution
The Python Quants An algorithmic trading solution provider that focuses on Python and other open source technologies for Financial Data Science, Algorithmic Trading, and Computational Finance
TINO IQ Analyzes the patterns of big players/individual traders/machine generated trades to find the probability of the stocks being artificially manipulated
TradeToolsFX An algorithmic trading solution provider that delivers user-friendly and advanced software solutions for Forex, binary options, and cryptocurrency brokers
WaveBasis To provide both novice and experienced traders with unprecedented power to naturally and efficiently apply the Elliott Wave Principle