priceSeries: Offering the Best Trading Opportunities

priceSeries: Offering the Best Trading Opportunities

Rajesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO, priceSeriesRajesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO
Algorithmic trading has defied the conventional notion of just being an algorithm-based part of trading. It has become a standard that includes algorithm-based trading advice, portfolio management, and financial evaluations. Advancements in this technology have now led customers to demand on-the-spot stock decisions for profitable trading, while various companies are now beginning to understand the true potential of algorithmic trading, expanding their horizons with its help. Based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, priceSeries is an algorithmic trade identification company that provides trading research for US & Canadian Markets.

“I strongly believe that it is the best product that wins and eventually stays in the market,” says Rajesh Srivastava, President, and CEO of priceSeries. This resolve is visible in its flagship product, TradeVisor. One problem that customers face is that they can buy a particular stock but never know when to sell. They have to decide on their own, resulting in some loss, if the shares are sold early or late. TradeVisor Adaptive Stop Loss Algorithm helps them by providing a daily stop-loss, a risk aversion method where if the price of the stock drops below a certain point, it is an automatic sell locking the profits for the customer.

Also, everybody’s primary concern is how well a stock has performed in history. TradeVisor’s algorithm is applied to a range of stocks to calculate the reliability score; the number of times the stock trade was a success. It mostly lists stocks with a ReliabilityScore® of 75 or greater. TradeVisor also provides multiple filters based on a customer’s stock preferences for quarterly growth, annual growth price, volume preferences, and technical indicators.

MACDVisor is a tool that helps you cut down on your research and emphasize the existing technical trading opportunities.

I strongly believe that it is the best product which wins and eventually stays inthe market

MACD is a very popular trading indicator that shows whether the stock is going up or down. MACDVisor comprises S&P 500 stocks purposely, as these 500 stocks get listed after due diligence, and determined to be reliable by the finance professionals. So, when a trading opportunity arises, one can get in, trade based on the technicals, and get out. MACDVisor is accessible via a web-browser from a laptop or a smart-phone. MACDVisor data is updated every 60 minutes, the traders could make the trading decisions instantly. MACDVisor additionally provides a comparison between the 500 stocks to help customers make better trading choices.

Markets are moving towards on-the-spot algorithmic solutions. As Rajesh says, “Companies need to handle diverse customer needs which could include long and short-term trading aspects and on-the-spot financial solutions.” priceSeries is addressing this requirement by developing new products like the Popular20 Product Series which cover popular stocks in vertical sectors and vertical International markets. This series targets Generic Most popular stocks, Cannabis 20, Technology 20 and Health-care 20 and covers US and Canadian markets.

The Popular20 Series provides customers with profit-making stocks instantly. Since the trading signals are updated hourly. priceSeries will continue to provide the best trading options to help its customers make significant profits today, tomorrow and beyond.

priceSeries also provides fully outsourced OEM customized algorithmic trading products based on their client requirements. priceSeries platform has a quickly programmable and flexible architecture. Customers have taken advantage of its flexible architecture to combine multiple aspects with their algorithms to suit their needs. priceSeries white-label solutions for financial institutions are based on its existing flagship products allowing a large financial institution to roll out a fully customized algorithmic trading advisory solution in a very short time bringing time-to-market benefits to the customer.

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Silicon Valley, SF

Rajesh Srivastava, Founder & CEO

Based in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, priceSeries is an algorithmic trade identification company that provides trade research of US Markets. Customers can take advantage of their software's flexible architecture to combine multiple things with their algorithms to suit their needs. priceSeries' TradeVisor helps its users make a constant profit by providing a daily stop-loss where it sells the stock as soon as it drops below a certain point. The company's MACDVisor tells the status of 500 reliable S&P stocks in near real-time, helping customers make better trading choices