Stormchaser Technologies: Harnessing the True Potential of Algo Trading

Stormchaser Technologies: Harnessing the True Potential of Algo Trading

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RJ Abraham, CEO, Stormchaser TechnologiesRJ Abraham, CEO
Trading has evolved from cumbersome phone orders to full-fledged electronic and algorithmic brokerage executions, empowering retail traders to bask in the benefits of processes previously enjoyed only by hedge fund managers and High Frequency Traders (HFT). The transition to algorithmic trading, or algo trading, requires an infrastructure to develop and implement trading systems. The existing gap forged by trading technology leaders has created the necessity for a platform to implement automated trading systems with greater ease while not sacrificing efficiency and reliability. The dilemma faced by the trader to compete with leading-edge algo/auto trading is the time to implement and cost of infrastructure to execute. The solution to this barrier is precisely what Stormchaser Technologies brings to the table.

Stormchaser Technologies proffers an automated trading platform, Kairos, using the Kairos Operating System (KOS), which enables trading algo developers to implement closed-system automated trading systems with just a few clicks, bringing out the true power of algo and automated trading. Founded on a primary objective of reducing time/cost of algo implementation, access to powerful indicators, and improving the client’s algo security, the company provides built-in effective and configurable risk management systems to maximize the lifetime of an algo trading system. Apart from the closed-system automated trading feature, Stormchaser Technologies’ Kairos Platform is the only platform in the market that has both automated trading and leverages an advanced suite of Gann Analysis Tools.

The Kairos Platform empowers traders to control, innovate, and improve their algo based on a library of classic Technical Analysis indicators or through the use of the Indicator Development Kit to develop proprietary indicators available within the KOS. Fully developed third party trading systems are available in the Algo Marketplace as well.

Stormchaser Technologies’ Kairos Platform is the only platform in the market that has both automated trading and leverages an advanced suite of Gann Analysis Tools

Recently, one of Stormchaser Technologies’ clients, having recognized the benefits of automated trading systems, was in need of an efficient and cost-effective algo trading implementation. Upon interacting with the client through a series of meetings, Stormchaser Technologies’ team seamlessly implemented the fully automated trading system through KOS, and ran successful algo trading tests on the system, including the ability to manually override the system when required. The KOS implementation of the client’s trading system from start to finish was done within an hour and was followed with refinements based on the simulation results. “The client was able to get the trading system implemented in KOS with relative ease as compared to attempts in other platforms that would most likely hit a dead end,” says RJ Abraham, CEO of Stormchaser Technologies.

Scripting similar success stories, Stormchaser Technologies strives to further enhance KOS based on research and development derived from the in-house PVTX and STX trading systems. The company is also actively researching the underlying cause of cycles, discovering correlations between Gann, physics, and market sentiment, in order to provide the highest quality trading systems for both intraday and swing trading methodologies. “Our R&D team is working tirelessly to develop advanced trading systems— including the PVTX series for futures, STX series for equities, and Gann/Physics/ Cycles-based swing trading systems in the near future,” concludes Abraham.

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Stormchaser Technologies


RJ Abraham, CEO

Stormchaser Technologies automates trading systems with Kairos™ platform to significantly reduce development time and execution cost while allowing the client to maintain total control over their algorithm IP and execution